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*** Black London Mistress Cruelisha – Etiquette ***

London Mistress Cruelisha’s Booking and Session Etiquette Guide

  • You will arrive promptly, clean and be respectful.
  • I DO NOT tolerate topping from the bottom.
  • I choose who I session with and will reject anybody who does not make a good impression.
  • I expect all my appointments to start on time. If you are more than 10 mins late then the time late will be deducted from your session. I do this to avoid any time clashes between appointments. If you are afraid of being late, plan to arrive early to see me.
  • If we partake in a session of a more extreme nature, you will be given a safe word which you are allowed to use 3 times. If it is used 3 times, the session will be terminated upon its 3rd utterance.
  • As much as I am sure you value my discretion, so do I value yours. I expect strict discretion at my door. Not a word is to come out of your mouth until after you have entered.
  • I will not tolerate drunkenness or intoxication. No refunds will be given if I feel obliged to terminate our session due to drunkenness or intoxication.

Enquiry Etiquette

  • Do not ask for discounts to see me, if you do you will be automatically go onto My Permanently Blacklisted list.
  • Do not ask for free time with in exchange for you offering me a service such as filming, photos,cleaning or any other type of thing you would like to offer to try and get a free session, your wasting your time and you will automatically be blacklisted. My cleaning and tasks are performed by my slaves who have proved themselves over many years and who pay for sessions and get rewarded for their servitude by being given these extra privileges.
  • I only offer 1 hour sessions, if you would like a 30 minute session my tribute will still be the same as a 1 hour session.
  • Do not offend me by asking for student, OAP, unemployed or just general discounts. If you can’t afford a session with me right away then save up for your Empress.
  • Always communicate in a respectable manner.
  • Always address me by either Mistress, Goddess, Madam, Ms, Your Highness, Queen or Empress.