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Black London Mistress Cruelisha – Financial Domination

One of My favourite parts of being a dominatrix is when your money becomes MY MONEY.

You may ask yourself how much should I tribute to my beautiful Goddess? Well as a new sub of course I have to get to know all about you, your home life, your financial position and your commitment of financial servitude to Me.

As you can see by my photos I am a beautiful, sassy, statuesque Black London Mistress who is demanding and expects to be spoiled to the highest level. Once you are hooked by My alluring nature and powerful strong Feminine figure, you will give in to me and become even more powerless and will want to choose relinquish your control to me. You will want to please me at every chance you get.

I have many other fetishes that I am into, financial humiliation can easily be implemented amongst My many kinks. I deserve only the best and nothing less. Prove to me that you adore me and I am your Goddess.

I can never have enough pay pigs. The more you spend on me, the more of My attention you will receive. Impress me with cash and gifts as I laugh and become richer and stronger as you wither and weaken at My feet. Whether it be a shopping trip, drawing out money from an A.T.M or bringing me exquisite gifts, I’m going to empty your wallet. It’s simple, you go to work and I spend your hard earned money. Every hour and minute that you slave at work you will enjoy the fact that your making money to give to me.

In order to serve me as a financial slave you MUST obey my 10 COMMANDMENTS below before submitting your application for servitude.

Then send a £30 UK Amazon voucher to mistresscruelisha@gmail.com to prove that you are genuine. All applications/emails/contact forms are reviewed by my assistant.

If you do not send your tribute along with your application it will not be looked at and deleted. NO TRIBUTE = NO ATTENTION

                                          GODDESS CRUELISHA’S TEN COMMANDMENTS

  1. You will address me at any given time as Goddess, Mistress, Queen, Your Majesty, Empress, Madam, Ms or Your Highness – nothing else.
  2. You will have 100% commitment and loyalty to me at all times. If I find that you have not been loyal you will no longer be allowed to serve me. I have no interest in owning sluts who are not faithful and do not respect a MUTUAL relationship. Your cocks and wallets must always remain in My ownership.
  3. You must have money to pay me on a regular basis. NO PAYPAL.
  4. You are dispensable and can be replaced. You are one of many and there are hundreds of other submissives who can fill your place.
  5. You must not be needy. I am put off by submissives who do not abide by my rules of contact. You will be cut off if I realise you are trying to top from the bottom. I am in control NOT you.
  6. Your soul purpose of living will be to willingly submit to me.
  7. You will always communicate to me with the utmost manners and respect. I do not like submissives or slaves who do not understand their place. You are unworthy, I am your SUPERIOR, know your place.
  8. When I give you an order you must do it when I say in a prompt and timely manner. Being late or not on time is disrespectful, you must never make your Goddess wait. Do not test my patience, you will pay dearly.
  9. You place will always be beneath me crawling at my feet. You are here to spoil me and reach my demands. You will save your money and sacrifice for me.
  10. You must remain honest with me at all times. I do not like liars. If you think you can lie to me and get away with it you will be mistaken. You will be dropped and no longer have the privilege of serving me.

Your journey of suffering for a greater purpose in life starts here.


Fill out My application below to request to be My financial slave and potentially earn My collar